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Join us and enjoy the Benefits of Club Membership!

  • You can join for less, with some of the lowest membership fees around!
  • You and your children can learn to ski for free through Jack Rabbits and Adult Lessons!
  • You can ski as far as you like on 50 km of groomed ski trails – classic and skate!
  • You can ski fast, with one of the most successful ski teams in Saskatchewan!
  • You can ski any time, day or night with 5 km of lit ski trails at Nut Point!
  • You can ski longer, with one of the longest snow seasons in the province!
  • You can ski alone, with family, friends, or some 300 other skiers,
    in one of Saskatchewan’s oldest and largest ski event, the Don Allen Saskaloppet !
  • We host the largest, most inclusive ski events for all ages and all abilities in the province!
  • With the support of local schools, we put kids on snow to develop life-long activity habits!
  • You can join us for the benefit of others, as we work to maintain one of the best trail networks in Saskatchewan.
  • We build, maintain, and improve the trail base every year
  • We clear deadfall, cut brush, mow trails, and replace bridges
  • We build and maintain warmup, waxing, and storage facilities
  • We purchase and maintain equipment and provide training
  • We host events, provide free lessons, develop coaches, and promote healthy living in the North
We are the La Ronge Ski Club. Please join us today!

Your membership and participation can help to ensure that as a community, we will continue to enjoy some of the best trails in Saskatchewan, host premiere events like the Saskaloppet, and enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate beside a crackling fire after a good ski.

If you, or your family, are interested in cross country skiing, there are programs available for all ages. The Jackrabbit program provides instruction for children aged 12 and under. Adult ski lessons (Sid Robinson, 425- 2502) are also available for those new to cross-country or those with dusty skis. For families without skis, local community schools often make skis available to students and their families.

We’ve gone paperless!

That’s right, no more paper registrations. You can register for membership or events online on your phone, tablet, or your computer by clicking on the link below.

If you would like more information about events, activities, or club membership, you can find us on Facebook under La Ronge Nordic Ski Club.

Online Membership Registration

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