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Join us and enjoy the Benefits!

- enjoy the company of other skiers, from beginners to old hands
- stay informed of upcoming events through Ski Club communications
- you and your family can learn to ski or improve your skiing through free skills development programs like JackRabbits
- get involved through volunteer opportunities, such as trail maintenance, coaching, and volunteering at ski races
- participate as a member in annual events such our Ski Swap, the Solstice Summit Ski, and the famous Saskaloppet
- access top-notch cross-country ski competition training and support as a member of our race team
- learn how to maintain your skis through wax clinics
- discounts on ski equipment and event registration fees

Your membership and participation can help to ensure that as a community, we will continue to enjoy some of the best trails in Saskatchewan, host premiere events like the Saskaloppet, and enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate beside a crackling fire after a good ski.

If you, or your family, are interested in cross country skiing, there are programs available for all ages. The Jackrabbit program provides instruction for children aged 12 and under. Adult ski lessons (Sid Robinson, 425- 2502) are also available for those new to cross country or those with dusty skis. For families without skis, local community schools often make skis available to students and their families.

If you would like to become a member of the La Ronge Ski Club, or would like more information about events, activities, or club membership, please call one of the above numbers or find us on Facebook under La Ronge Nordic Ski Club.

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